Good material, comfortable wear<br>Large bore sound trumpet

Good material, comfortable wear
Large bore sound trumpet

The diameter is 40mm, the sound field is wide, the sound quality is smooth, exquisite and tolerant, it can easily control various styles of music. Careful tuning provides better low-frequency listening for the new generation of consumers. The width of the range and the depth of the submergence are strengthened. The dual microphone system with strong noise immunity can be used normally under strong wind and noisy environment.

Close the moving headphones, and put them in a separate chamber.

Automatic noise elimination and audio calibration
High precision manufacturing technology
Provide you a most suitable music environment

Fully adaptive de noising, which can actively block the external noise, and ensure the sound quality is clear through real-time audio calibration. An unusual feast of hearing. Bluetooth technology, wider coverage and the connection is more stable.

Automatic noise elimination

Auto calibrated audio

Stable Bluetooth connection

Ultrafine biological fiber vibration film<br>Transmission of every emotion of sound

Ultrafine biological fiber vibration film
Transmission of every emotion of sound

Good headphones can not only restore the music itself, but also make people feel the music details and convey more subtle emotions.

It provides enough flexibility to make the sound and softness more balanced. Whether jazz or ballad or rock, the easily overlooked details are well presented here.

The standard can be plugged 3.5mm audio line. If the headset is not working or the audio device has no Bluetooth function, it can switch the wired mode through audio connection.

Professional team join<br>Just for listening to better sounds

Professional team join
Just for listening to better sounds

Dongguan LH Electric Wire Co., Ltd., an electronic company. Our engineers have been in the field of electronics over 10 years, especially in headset area.There are a lot of different types of headphones on the market. After a series of investigation and analysis, we have optimized the selection of wire, material, audio system and so on. We are committed to providing customers with our better hearing experience and best after-sales service.